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Modern Reels caters to today's editor by providing high-end broadcast design elements at affordable prices. We believe that great, modern design should be just that: modern, not part of some lame collection started back when mullets and stretch pants were in! We pride ourselves on keeping a watchful eye on all current trends and fads. Styles that are on air today (in bumpers, commercials and music videos), in print and online become our inspiration. We play with different looks, adapt them into our own totally unique Modern Reels clips. We've created collections of great, affordable Reels that any editor can use to pump up production value.

Every clip Modern Reels creates is available all formats: HD (1080i, 1080p, 720p), SD (both PAL and NTSC), and Low Resolution for the web (down to 320 x 240). And we don't just auto scale our clips to make them for 16:9 or 4:3, we truly design each clip to look fabulous in each format. So snowflakes in 1920x 1080 HD or 320 x 240 for the web are both going to look crisp and clear, like they were made for that format - because they were.

We are currently selling many video clips on iStockvideo, revostock, and Pond5 while this website is under development. On these three stock footage websites, you can view and purchase our full screen, full res Background Reels and Plates. (Here at Modern we can burn and snail mail you a CD/DVD of any of our iStockvideo clips if you email us here.) All Modern Reels iStockvideo clips are available for immediate download on in multiple formats, for the following perclip prices:

HD 1080i $50/clip
HD 720p $35
SD NTSC and PAL $20
LoRes Big Web $10
LoRes Small Web $5

When we launch our fully featured site, we will continue selling on iStockvideo but will also offer exclusive clips for download or CD/DVD delivery.

Background Reels
Lower Thids
"Widgets" (Funky little alpha elements)

All Modern Reels clips may be purchased individually or bundled together in Broadcast Design Packages. Our unique Broadcast Design Packages contain 6-22 clips: multiple versions of BG Reels, Overlays, Lower Thirds, Transitions and Widgets. All elements in the Packages can be used individually to spice up the odd shot or together to create a very sleek, cohesively designed project. Our Broadcast Design Package prices vary, dependent on the number of clips included, but will be sold at a discounted price. And just so you're sure you're making the right purchase decision, you will be able to download a low res, full screen watermarked version of all Reels, edit with it, then make your final purchase decision.

If you'd like to try a couple of our Reels for free, just join our mailing list and get an email coupon for two free full resolution clips.

For more information email us by clicking here

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